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NWO Documents

This page contains a number of documents, many of which demonstrate the intentions of the global elite including the depopulation strategy outlined in the NSSM 200 and World Population Plan of Action, the plan for a global viral outbreak outlined in various curiously-timed documents, and the intention to declare all dissidents agents of terror and erect camps to detain them. 


NSSM: 200

The National Security Study Memorandum 200, otherwise known as the Kissinger Report, is the United States’ response to the UN’s World Population Plan of Action and demonstrates America’s solidarity with the depopulation agenda. It began as a classified document but was later declassified and became available to the public. The premise is that there are too many people, especially in less developed countries, which is a threat to our national security. The document discusses using food scarcity as a weapon and exploiting the resources of other countries.

You may notice themes emerge that are similar to those in the UN’s World Population Plan of Action: Indoctrinating women into believing that motherhood is oppressive, indoctrinating people into believing large families are bad, using propaganda, environmentalism, and promoting abortion.

They hide their genocidal agenda amidst a flurry of data while they take extra precaution to “avoid any appearance of coercion” and appear benevolent. Why would a philanthropic movement need to make efforts to appear as though they are good actors? Evil loves to announce that it is good, but true goodness is self-evident and requires no fanfare.


World Population Plan of Action

The title speaks for itself. This is a document created by the United Nations arguing that there are too many people on the planet and that something needs to be done about it. It discusses the need for a New International (World) Order, the importance of developing a greater understanding of sterilization, mortality, and morbidity (interesting topics in a document about depopulation), and the necessity of disseminating propaganda, especially to women, to convince people that reproduction is irresponsible, women who stay at home should feel as though they are being oppressed, and more people means less wealth for all. The NSSM-200 criticizes this document as being too indirect in its tone, though this document did not have the luxury of ever having been classified as did the NSSM-200, and the writers are forced to communicate cryptically lest anyone accuse them of what it is they're actually up to. 

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

This 2010 Rockefeller document is composed as though it only hypothetically explores the future development of technology through the lens of 4 scenarios each of varying levels of authoritarian control and public compliance, though there are some noteworthy parallels to our current circumstances that have inspired others to believe that perhaps this was more of a plan than a mere thought exercise, though the authors are sure to mention that it is not. "Lock Step" is the first scenario discussed in which there emerges a devastating viral pandemic. "Hack Attack" is another of their scenarios. It addresses the dangers of cyber attacks, echoing the modern day warnings of World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab and the recent (as of this writing) Cyber Polygon exercise. A more appropriate title would be, "How to Establish a Technocracy". 

Agenda 2030

This is the United Nations' 70th General Assembly which, as the subheading reads, seeks to transform the world by the year 2030. This reads like other UN documents, dressed up in philanthropic motivations like empowering women, though those familiar with the UN's agenda will see that they care very little about actually empowering women, and only promote the cause for purposes of depopulation. To sum up the agenda, these elites seek to exert global control over a number of things, taking control of the earth's resources, limiting what is allowed to be owned and consumed, and enforcing restrictions under the guise of climate change. As stated, they wish to free the world from the "tyranny of poverty" and heal the planet. A reading of the UN's World Population Plan of Action will reveal that they correlate "healing the earth" and "ending poverty" with depopulation. Of course poverty cannot exist where there are no people. Problem solved. 

Crimson Contagion

This is a functional exercise conducted by the US Dept of Health and Human Services in October of 2019, 2 months before COVID-19 became known. The "hypothetical" scenario it presents is that of a respiratory virus emerging from China and becoming a global pandemic. It's focus is on which agencies will be in charge of disseminating information to other agencies, how to manage the already created pre-pandemic vaccine stockpiles, how to distribute respirators, N-95 masks, ventilators, PPE, as well as social distancing orders and school closures. Among the more dull of the various drills completed at the exact same time, perhaps the most alarming thing about the document is the timing of it in a addition to the specific scenario details. 

Event 201

Event 201 was a tabletop exercise completed in October of 2019 at the Pierre Hotel in New York, 2 months before COVID-19 became known. It was a collaborative effort between the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. Video and a brief written summary of the event are available at the link above. 


This was a pandemic exercise completed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in 2017. In it, a coronavirus is brought into the US from overseas and a pandemic ensues. Untested vaccines are disseminated to the public, celebrities are recruited to promote the vaccines amidst public skepticism, people begin to suffer adverse side effects, and the government seeks to maintain control of the narrative. Interesting parallels to reality are also included, such as liability protection for vaccine manufacturers being implemented (as it was in reality), a black rapper being recruited to promote the vaccine (as Run DMC was), Japan rejecting America's vaccine (as they did), BLM coming onto the scene (as they did), a widespread power outage in Washington (as there was in Texas), and others. This document is an exercise in how to control the narrative when the vaccines begin to injure people. It is a propaganda exercise. 

Urban Outbreak

This is a pandemic war game executed by the US Naval War College in October of 2019, 2 months before COVID-19 became known, just like Crimson Contagion and Event 201.  

Atlantic Council

This is what it sounds like; an anti-nationalist plan for using COVID-19 to bestow more power unto globalist organizations, digitize election processes (for obvious reasons), promote a digital global currency, villainize patriotism while praising destructive groups, and use technology to monitor (control) humans. Artistically, this is one of the most overt globalist documents. The cover art is a painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder called "The Triumph of Death". Inside the cover of this document is an explanation for the artwork: The painting captures themes of ever-present plague and death in Europe during the life of the painter. In the foreground, Death is on a reddish horse, destroying the world of the living, who are led to a huge coffin with no hope of salvation. All the social classes are included in the composition, and no power or devotion can save them. And that's it. Nothing about overcoming death and disease, just praise for it. 

Cyber Polygon

Cyber Polygon is a current (as of this writing) collaborative globalist training that people like Klaus Schwab (who praises COVID-19 as an opportunity to usher in a New World Order technocracy) are involved with. It is ostensibly a plan to combat cyber attacks and it arrives in a timely fashion as current events have involved pipeline and meat processing shutdowns (both globalist areas of interest) due to "cyber attacks". Schwab assures us that a cyber attack will be coming that will make the COVID-19 pandemic pale in comparison, just as we had been assured that a pandemic would be coming just before it did. Also included in Cyber Polygon are themes of transitioning to a "digital everything" (per Schwab) and taking control of what information the people will be allowed to see and share online. Fun fact: A Cyber Polygon meeting was scheduled for July 8, 2022, but was later cancelled. Coincidentally, July 8, 2022 is the date that ATM’s and internet banking were shut down throughout Canada. Though this was not attributed to a cyber attack, it functioned just like a cyber attack and offered the Polygon group a convenient opportunity to observe the social response to this related phenomenon that was so curiously timed. 

National Priorities to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation for COVID-19

Blatantly unconstitutional, this document from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security advocates for securing complete control of the narrative and penalizing any who express dissent. The document explains that the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS, among others, will collaborate to enforce Orwellian control over free speech that calls their dictates, many of which are unscientific and unfounded, into question. Included in the document is their intention to involve police enforcement in the limiting of free speech online as we have already seen occurring in other countries. 

National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism

This is the United States Government's declaration of war against its own people. The document identifies white supremacy as the priority terror threat to the United States without offering any evidence. It is an anti-nationalist, anti-Christian, anti-Western tirade against the American people and serves as a convenient platform for staging a terror attack as they miraculously predict oncoming terror attacks from those who question election results or the muddled information put out by the CDC regarding COVID-19, again without providing any evidence for such a prediction. The declaration put another way is this: All who oppose anything put forth by the United States government are now considered terrorists. 

Why Gene Editors Like CRISPR/Cas May be a Game-Changer for Neuroweapons

This is a scientific paper that describes gene therapies (such as mRNA "vaccines") as dual use technologies, meaning they are able to serve both as a therapeutic and as a weapon, in this case a neuroweapon that has the ability to control peoples' thoughts and behaviors and rivals the destructive capabilities of even a nuclear holocaust. 

Vaccine Study

COVID-19 vaccine advocates often make the claim that coronavirus vaccines have been studied for years, attempting to use this fact as justification for their safety and efficacy. They are correct. Coronavirus vaccines have been studied for many years. Unfortunately, the results of these studies are not favorable for humans. Here is one such study. 

Shielding (camps)

One of the "craziest" conspiracy theories is that our government is going to put its own people into camps. How ridiculous. 

Here is a CDC document discussing how to put Americans into camps. 

It is written as though it is for the safety of the public, just as ushering Jews to Auschwitz was a matter of public safety. Note that although there is protocol for forcibly placing healthy Americans (but determined to be "at risk" by whatever definition they deem appropriate) into camps against their will, you will not see any criteria for being released. 

Technical Briefing 17

Please take a moment to enjoy (or not) this data from Public Health England discussing variants of concern as of June 2021. Of particular interest is data included in the graph on page 13 and 14. Be sure to add the columns of both the first and second doses before comparing them with the column of the unvaccinated. Or else I can just spoil it for you here: more vaccinated people die from what they term "the Delta variant" than unvaccinated people. The counterargument to what is obvious here is that of course more vaccinated people will die when there are more vaccinated people than unvaccinated. If that is your contention, say that again to yourself, but slower and with more logic. 

HR 666

Per "This bill establishes within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a National Center on Antiracism and Health and a law enforcement violence prevention program.

Among other activities, the new center must declare racism a public health crisis, collect and analyze data, and administer research and grant programs to address racism and its impact on health and well-being."

HR 6666

The TRACE Act. 






It is what it sounds like. 

Dark Winter

I've been having issues with these links since Johns Hopkins removed the pdf from their website, so my apologies if the above link is not working. 

This is yet another simulation concerning a bioattack from China. This exercise was completed in 2001. Though it is ostensibly about smallpox as a bioweapon, they are sure to mention that the drill is for any virus. The document seems to advocate for using the smallpox attack as an excuse to initiate nuclear war, roll out vaccinations quickly, and only promote vaccines from the United States while prohibiting others. Also included are matters of racial tension, forced quarantine, and border concerns. Some quotes include: "Americans can no longer take basic civil liberties such as freedom of assembly or travel for granted" and "Smallpox shatters image of US as superpower", which is, of course, exactly the result hoped for by globalist actors. 

I do not believe that this exercise is obsolete despite it having aged for two decades (as of the time of this writing). Rather I tend to think Dark Winter was very influential to the bad actors currently destroying our government from within as it is a phrase still on their lips (both Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci have referenced a "dark winter" ahead).  


Clade X

Clade X is another Johns Hopkins tabletop exercise. This was completed in May of 2018 and is similar to Event 201 in that there is not an abundance of documentation to accompany it. At least none available to the public. Not that I could locate anyway. 


A 13-page document from the WHO, this "concept note for consultation process" proposes how states will consult with the WHO in a health emergency. In it, nationalism (the antithesis of globalism) and disinformation (anything that conflicts with globalist aims) are identified as problematic to their agenda. Increased surveillance, increased funding for the WHO, and the implementation of broad, sweeping mandates are all promoted. It is prophetically stated that pandemics WILL be increasing in frequency from this point forward. Naturally, it is suggested that authority be granted to the WHO for the management of all international health emergencies. Though rapid vaccine production (and unsupported claims about vaccine efficacy and safety) and the goal of interrupting animal to human disease transmission (they constantly war against agriculture) are discussed, it is noted that chief among their needs is increasing their efficiency in regard to "surveillance and collaborative intelligence". 

International Health Regulations (2005)

A power-seeking agreement between member states/nations and the World Health Organization, this is the 3rd and most recent (to the best of my knowledge) edition of this document, that in their own words is purposed to "control and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease", the operative word being 'control'. This agreement between the 194 member nations and the WHO proposes that they work in tandem to enforce regulations pertaining to any pandemic or potential pandemic scenarios. Topics addressed include international travel control mechanisms, which include surveilling, quarantining, decontamination, and vaccination -- all arguably effective means to isolate and abolish a spreading virus, but also potential affronts to personal liberties which, in the wrong hands, allow for the possibility of horrendous authoritarian abuses. So whose hands will it be in? Well, theirs of course. This agreement provides for the establishment of a panel of WHO "experts" that will issue emergency dictates. These individuals that have control over individual freedoms will naturally not be voted for in a democratic fashion, but rather selected by WHO officials, which amounts essentially to self-appointment. Criteria for what constitutes a health emergency are included (think arbitrary "climate emergencies" announced by "experts" as a point of reference). It is also proposed that only WHO-approved vaccine certificates are to be used. I found their 2005 model for vaccine cards on page 53 interesting as the current cards we see today are fairly similar. This agreement allows for member states to propose amendments, which the United States did on January 18, 2022 (see "Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies -- proposal for amendments to the international Health Regulations [2005]").

Proposal for Amendments to the IHR (2005)

About 12 pages long, these are amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations proposed by the United States on January 18, 2022. James Roguski ( notes that the International Health Regulations are legally binding and supercede the United States constitution. Roguski reports that the proposed amendments cede additional sovereignty, control, and legal authority to the World Health Organization, and that these amendments will not (they have not yet been voted on at the time of this writing) require approval by 2/3 of the United States senate, stating that if they are approved (as submitted by the United States) by a simple majority of the 194 member countries of the World Health Assembly, they would enter into force as international law. The language which the US proposes be omitted is struck out while the proposed added language is bolded and underlined. In reading through it, one can immediately see that language that lends any sovereignty to states is struck out and language that lends further authority to the WHO is bolded and underlined. Regardless of what happens with these amendments, the WHO continues to vote on their Pandemic Treaty annually. 


Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats


This is a tabletop exercise conducted by the Nuclear Threat Initiative in March 2021 (report published in November 2021) that predicts, nearly to the day (see page 10), when there will be an outbreak of monkeypox. There is no analytical process with such predictive capacity that it can reveal the specifics of how and when a thing will occur. If such a thing was possible we’d have been able to interrupt quite a number of things that could have been better predicted than a viral outbreak, such as the baby formula shortage. On page 31 the reader can view what appears to be their ultimate conclusion, as it is the very same that other germ games of this nature conclude: that the world needs authoritarian rule and draconian measures in order to save humanity. This is not surprising given that the Nuclear Threat Initiative is a Ted Turner company – Ted Turner, who is a vocal Malthusian depopulationist, as are the organizers of Event 201 (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WEF, and Johns Hopkins), the lockstep “exercise” (Rockefeller Foundation), and so many others. The obvious question is, why would people who openly advocate for human depopulation designate so much of their life and time and money to the salvation and propagation of human beings?

Food Chain Reaction – A Global Food Security Game

Food Chain.PNG

This food security game, conducted in November 2015 and published in December 2015, entails a hypothetical scenario spanning from 2020-2030 (chronologically consistent with Agenda 2030) “to  better understand the global impacts of and responses to deepening global food system disruptions.” Factors such as climate change, refugee movements, and drought are considered. The scenario begins in 2020 and 2021 when food prices begin climbing. From 2022-2024 oil/gas prices rise dramatically and the grain supply from Russia and Ukraine are reduced (due to heat stress) and Russia is spreading misinformation regarding an export embargo. The conclusion is, of course, that a “more robust global coordination mechanism” is needed and that the UN, WHO, and other globalist entities need to be strengthened and rewarded with generous donations to save the world. Cargill, which participated in the organization of the game, reported that from the game, “we’ve learned that a carbon tax is a possibility in the years ahead.” Cargill economist Tim Bodin stated that the players worked to “strengthen resiliency instead of just putting out fires.” Speaking of fires, a Cargill poultry processing plant in London just caught fire on May 23, 2022, joining untold numbers of other major food producers and distributors suffering both minor and major, usual and unusual catastrophes. Trains in Iowa and Alberta have derailed just recently, both hauling fertilizer, this in addition to the Union Pacific Railroad shutting down fertilizer transportation just in time for planting season. Perhaps CNA ought to have conducted a fertilizer transportation and factory fire game instead.

A World At Risk
Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

This is the first report completed by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, which consists of 15 members including Anthony Fauci and was convened by the World Health Organization and World Bank Group in May of 2018 in response to Ebola outbreaks in 2016 and 2018 (Hegelian dialectic?). This first report was published in September of 2019 and sought to prepare for a “high-impact respiratory pathogen pandemic” and of course that very thing occurred 3 months later. The document identifies climate change and population growth as facilitators of viral outbreaks as well as viruses intentionally released as bioweapons. Member states are urged to “follow through with their political and funding commitments.” Importance is placed on creating innovative vaccines, specifically mentioning nucleic acid types (like mRNA), new vaccine manufacturing methods including “surge manufacturing capacities”, and vaccines being pre-tested and approved for use within weeks. Concern is raised about misinformation and gaining public trust. It reports that ALL countries are bound to the IHR and are “objectively monitored by WHO.” It stresses the importance of involving the private sector, medical experts, the media, and religious leaders in pandemic responses, stating that religious beliefs and mistrust of the government results in decreased vaccination rates. Increased funding for the WHO is promoted throughout the report as well as the need for a designated leader empowered with the authority to rapidly mobilize countries to respond to global emergencies.


A World in Disorder
Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

A World in Disorder is the GPMB’s 2nd publication which, to paraphrase, essentially states, “See, we told you there would be a pandemic 3 months before COVID-19 and because we were correct, we need more power to reduce damage from future health events.” The document claims that we will inevitably see an increase in pandemics due to climate change and population growth, that nationalism and populism threaten global safety, that it’s ok to destroy economies to “save” everyone, that “none are safe until all are safe” which requires a “whole of society” approach (this would obviously require force). They advocate for increased surveillance and universal health coverage, which of course would make it much easier for them to force compliance. They claim that people advocating for freedom made COVID worse. They endorse a single leader in each nation with the authority to call the shots in anything deemed a “health crisis” – which would obviously be a WEF proselyte – and call for this individual to run simulation exercises with predictive mechanisms. They acknowledge that the WHO and UN collaborated with Big Tech to control the narrative and that the lockdowns that they recklessly promote have resulted in food insecurity. On page 18 they appear to be lamenting draconian measures taken by nations to subdue COVID-19, however, this is actually them bragging about this authoritarianism as they praise the very countries responsible for carrying these dictates forward. They say anti-vax advocates and misinformation resulted in excess death. On page 27 they provide a picture of masked people on a train, praising the glorious depiction of compliance. They call for citizens to place pressure on their government officials to impose more restrictions. They state that “extraordinary events call for extraordinary financing” – how fortunate COVID-19 was for them, and what an opportunity to “reshape the world” as they state. Finally, they call for a mechanism to force countries to comply with the International Health Regulations and of course the need for “robust global governance.”


Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates



This is a document published by the World Health Organization in August of 2021 that establishes a digital tracking framework for COVID-19 vaccinations to be adopted by member states and funneled into a global database. It describes a system for digital identification, a process for verifying a private citizen’s vaccination status, and snapshots of what it will look like. The WHO is sure to mention that once this digital identification technology is implemented, it can be used for purposes “other than health care” – after all, the idea was never to protect you from getting the sniffles, but rather to own you by tying you to a digital ID. Also mentioned is the intent for health care professionals to use vaccination status as a criterion for determining whether they’d like to treat a patient. We’ve already seen life-saving transplant surgeries denied from people, even from children, for not having spread their legs for the needle. The WHO also casually acknowledges the possibility of “faulty vaccine batches” which of course conflicts with their idiotic and demonstrably false “safe and effective” regurgitations. Now sit back and watch as they conjure more “pandemics” to shoehorn this global digital identification system into every nation.

c19 passport.PNG

Exploring Biodigital Convergence
Policy Horizons Canada

Copyrighted under Her Majesty the Queen, 2019

Biodigital-Convergence-with-Links-Final-02062020.pdf (



This document lays out tentative plans for the posthuman future that our global elites desire. Some of it is speculative as the technology involved, though in existence, has not yet reached commercial status. For a better understanding of this document, the reader should know that leading transhumanists such as Ray Kurzweil fully believe that they will achieve godhood via genetic and AI technology. For instance, when Kurzweil was asked whether he believed in God, he responded, "Not yet." Yuval Noah Harari spouts exactly the same nonsense, always eager to emphasize that the elites have no use for so many extra humans on this planet. 


The following summary defines biodigital convergence: "Digital technologies and biological systems are beginning to combine and merge in ways that could be profoundly disruptive to our assumptions about society, the economy, and our bodies. We call this the biodigital convergence." It goes on to say that this convergence is "opening up strikingly new ways to: change human beings -- our bodies, minds and behaviors, change or create other organisms, and alter ecosystems." Yes, they want change human minds/behaviors, make new creatures, and terraform the world. A science fiction alien takeover plot would hardly be any different.



Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic

Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic (

Yet another sophisticated plan that immediately preceded COVID-19, this Globalist Johns Hopkins document discusses using the media to increase the public's trust in government, using community influencers to coerce people into more readily accepting morally questionable activities, and using social scientists to understand how to convert cultural tenets into propaganda that can be used to coerce people into following ethically questionable dictates. The document acknowledges that there is a lack of data that masks are effective in preventing the spread of a pathogen. They seem aware that it will look suspicious when a pandemic emerges immediately following these reports, so they are sure to include that they're able to foresee upcoming pandemics because of course climate change is now making pandemics inevitable. Mass vaccination is naturally touted as the best strategy to interrupt a pandemic, even without proper testing. And finally, national sovereignty is the enemy of pandemic preparedness so more power needs to be ceded to the WHO. 


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Dating back to as early as the late 1800's, this document purports to be the meeting minutes of an ancient Zionist secret society determined to exert control over the entire planet and install their Messiah (the Antichrist). Though it is now largely thought to be antisemitic propaganda, there are many tenets embodied within the text that reflect those ideals that we currently see espoused by globalist organizations such as the WEF and UN, which share the same stated overall goal announced in the Protocols (to secure international power). Whether because it is an unusually sophisticated display of propaganda or because it is what it claims itself to be, the FBI regards the Protocols enough to retain it among their records (see the first link above) including correspondence to J. Edgar Hoover. Arguments against the authenticity of the Protocols include accusations of plagiarism due to some of the text mirroring the writing of Machiavelli, though this may only indicate that the "Learned Elders" are influenced by Machiavelli. It has been pointed out that if the document is a hoax, then it is strange that so many of the protocols contained within it appear to have come to pass. Within the text the reader will find a call for devaluing the family, securing power through taxation and loans, controlling the judiciary and the press, consolidating power of the press within only a few select agencies, disseminating propaganda, defending themselves with the antiquated equivalent of fact-checks, initiating wars, inoculating against diseases, using the education system to spread lies, installing their agents (or "penetrating the cabinets" as K. Schwab would say), and initiating wars, though no specific examples are included. If authentic, the Protocols is perhaps the best inside look at the inner workings of the ancient secret societies (this one in particular suspected to be the Priory of Scion), and if a hoax, likely the most sophisticated work of propaganda known.


Global Governance 2025

untitled (

Global Governance 2025 is a report completed by the National Intelligence Council and the European Union Institute for Security Studies in September of 2010.After offering some praise for the great contributions of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on page 25, a concern is raised: “Maybe we are seeing a shift that is not geographical but horizontal—we are seeing the emergence of a global management elite and wondering what that means for the future of liberal democracy.” 

The document offers the following fictionalized scenario:

"Scenario III: Concert of Europe Redux. Under this scenario, severe threats to the international system—possibly a looming environmental disaster or a conflict that risks spreading—prompt greater cooperation on solving global problems. Significant reform of the international system becomes possible. Although less likely than the first two scenarios in the immediate future, such a scenario might prove the best outcome over the longer term, building a resilient international system that would step up the level of overall cooperation on an array of problems. The US increasingly shares power while China and India increase their burden sharing and the EU takes on a bigger global role. A stable concert could also occur incrementally over a long period in which economic gaps shrink and per capita income converges.”

The Great Reset message asserts itself here. They can't overstate that "a looming environmental disaster" (later in the document a pandemic is specifically mentioned) would be beneficial to their aims. 

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